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🔥 WELCOME TO AUGUST - week 1 🔥

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

We have so many exciting things happening this month! Check it out!

New website with Calendars 👉 HERE!

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BOLD is here! Want to join us? There's still time!

PC Olympics!

Week #1: 100 database dash!!!

Collect 100 business cards this week and grow your database! What do you get as a prize?

  • More business!

  • To know how simple growing your database by 100 is!

  • Fame and honor (facebook post!) 😎

  • New relationships and connections with people you can help!

How are you feeling about the role of control in your life? Are you monitoring your interactions by applying the four questions:

· What can I control?

· What can’t I control?

· What am I seeking to control that I can’t?

· What could I be controlling that I’m not?

It’s empowering to understand control. When we focus on what we can control, we make our actions matter. Understanding control is one of the best ways to help us focus our energy on the things that matter to us personally and professionally.

Professionally nothing is more important than having a smart database. Your database is your business, after all. So how is your database doing? Do your contacts feel like they are in a relationship with you?

When we talk about working your database we are really talking about building relationships with your contacts and cultivating repeat and referral business through caring conversations.

Here's a script you can try this week!

Events!!!! Mega Camp!

That's right! Friends, fun, lots of food, and the fuel you need to keep crushing your real estate goals long after you return home.

Today's the day! Make the move and reserve your spot.

Brush up on your social skills (we know, it’s been a while) and pack your poker face because you’re headed to The Mirage in Las Vegas for Mega Camp on August 23-26 hosted by the KW Northwest Region in conjunction with California Regions: Westside L.A. and L.A. Coastal.

Join us for:

  • In-person breakout sessions

  • Masterminds

  • Live streaming General Session with Gary Keller

  • Keynote presentation from speaker Kevin Hall, author of Aspire

  • Social events

  • Networking opportunities

  • Food and beverage

  • Digital Materials from the main event in Austin, TX

Space is limited! Don't wait to register.

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