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💞February is LOL! Loving on Listings month!

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

My favorite month and contest is here! The name of the game is LISTINGS! The goal is for each and every one of you to take a listing this month.

Do you believe you can do it? Check your mindset on this.

Check out the February training calendar HERE! Pay special attention to the classes highlighted in pink!

Here's the link to enter:

In addition to these rules, you must do the following things to qualify for the contest:

  • Have 5 conversations per day (log names)

  • Send 5 texts regarding RE per day (log names)

  • Add 5 people to your database per day (log names)

  • Attend minimum 2 of the pink classes weekly

  • Report your numbers weekly, via google form, which will be sent to you.

3 winners will be pulled from Coaching Program, and 3 winners will be pulled from all participants.

*Only agents in Coaching program will qualify for prizes (announced later)!

Here is a Daily Tracker to remind you of your daily goals!

Download PDF • 425KB

Also, download these cute tags for any door knocking during this month! Go the the 99c store and purchase some trinkets to include your business card and this tag with, and knock-knock!

Valentines PopBy-Tag
Download PDF • 213KB

Let's see who will win!

Links to recordings:

Week 1:

Week 2:

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