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Keller Offers is finally here!

And each agent has their own account! Please follow this link to creating your account and bookmark the page for yourself. You'll need to know your market center number:

  • SOUTH BAY - 446

  • NEWPORT - 869

  • BEACH CITIES - 314

  • LARCHMONT - 558


  • WESTSIDE - 525


Keller Offers is our very own iBuyer program - only unlike Zillow, Redfin and Opendoor, we don't cheat out sellers out of money but rather help them net more in their own pockets! There is a way to do business and have everyone win!

Here is an overview of what Keller Offers can do for you and your clients!

There are some awesome resources for you under the resources tab - like this great calculator for any upgrades your client is thinking of making. You just click the boxes and BOOM it gives you estimates etc!

*(Screenshot below, sign in to use the real calculator.)

I will be posting more updates as new things roll around. Remember that we have no more weekly coaching calls until January!

I have also added a new link for the 2022 PC calendar, and the Forward Living 2022 Calendars will be updated on Monday next week!

Wishing you all a very happy Holiday Season! xxxxxx


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