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Mid-year review and business planning!

Hello team -

Can you believe we are more than half way through 2022!? It's time to look where the year has gone!

Below, please find the life wheel assessment (plus mine for an example from last year), mid-year review, and GPS.

Assessment Wheel (3)
Download PDF • 313KB

Here is my example from last year.

Sonia Assessment Wheel example
Download PDF • 1.19MB

Agent Mid-Year Review 2022 (1)
Download PDF • 22KB

BLANK GPS tree format (4)
Download DOCX • 349KB

Please take a look at the 2022 Mid Year Review. What is missing that you would like to see added/measured? Please add it to your sheet. You can add a column for a Gap. so we can clearly see the difference between goal and current. Here are some other things to consider: Looking at your gaps - what is the: Tool that is current missing, or could be used at a higher level that when using it will automatically cause you to excel at a higher level? Same question for System/Person. What habit needs to be dropped, because it is not serving you? What habit are you resisting or not consistent with that when you embrace it at a high level will cause you to excel in the last half of the calendar year? Who do you need to be as a leader in your business, that when you step into that space - the gaps become easier to close due to mindset/skillset/belief or other changes you are ready to make? Who do I need to be to support you on our calls? What specifically does this mean to you. Share details. Finally - if Gary was in your office reviewing your mid year review and your gap to goal and he told you that you can only choose ONE strategy that such by implementing it would cause you to end the year on goal, or exceed them - - What is the ONE strategy? Your one strategy should be different than what you have been doing so far. You know what they say... doing the same thing over and over.... Two rules. 1. Sit with this review - don't rush. What else needs to be considered? 2. You must believe in your strategy. I can't wait to hear your thoughts/contribution/vision and plan when we meet next!

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