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Week #4 - Social Influence!

Hi team - I wasn't intending to break this down but got so many questions on this, so here are some steps you can take this week!

Social media is one of the best ways to let people know, not once or twice, but consistently, that you work in the world of real estate! Here are some activities you can do this week to become a pro at NOT BEING A SECRET AGENT!

The goal is to get everyone you know (on your social media) to remember you as a realtor. Not only for themselves, but for them to refer you to their spheres, when asked. How can you do that?

Step #1 - you have to have a business page. To create one, watch this video:

Step #2 - learn to schedule posts through Command -

Step #3 - Decide on a strategy . How many posts a week? How many stories? What are other people doing? How will your value show through your posts? Do you have a color theme? What are some of your favorite real estate topics (investing, wealth building, flipping, auctions, gardens, home decor)?

Step #4 - Send messenger messages as a part of your daily conversations. Check in on people, comment on something they recently did, and set coffee/walk/lunch/play dates to get facetime with people. Just relationship building. Connect and reconnect. Ask questions.

Step #5 - live video. Go on broker tour and go live in one of the open houses. Talk about something cool you see - not about selling that particular house.


DON'T SAY: "hello i'm at 123 main street and this house is listed at blaa blaa blaa...."

DO SAY: "HIIIIII EVERYONE - check out this amazing wine cooler - would you want to have one of these in your house?? I'm on broker tour today - that what we do on XYZ days of the week - just wanted to show you all this beautiful design...."

Facebook and instagram are not where people come to do business - it's where they like to look at cool stuff and see interesting scenarios. Document what you see in your daily life, and tie into real estate. Example; you walk past a house with a yellow front door. Snap a photo, caption it in your stories as "YAY OR NAY ON YELLOW?" and tag your real estate page and your office.

I would also go listen to this podcast about social media marketing!

Let's go get 'em!

I now name you all as Social Media Influencers 😅🔥💰💥

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