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Week #2 - Buyers!

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

We know there are SOOO many buyers out there at the moment. Let's get ready to win them over! Here is an outline for this week's activities.

Day 1. Pre-approvals.

Connect with a lender and ask them the following questions:

A) what is the best way to connect a client with them?

B.) how long does their pre-approval process take? can you see an example of their pre-approval sheet?

C.) what is the service from them that agents use or like the most. Example, flyers, cross-qualifying, etc

D.) will they answer text/phone/email on the weekends?

E.) how much time in advance do they need to create an open house flyer with a payment graph?

Enter all lenders you know of into Google form. We will create a shared spreadsheet for you all from this.

Day 2. Prep to Run a Facebook ad on a listing.

A. Find Facebook follow-up smartplan and customize.

B. Ask an agent in your office to run an ad on their active listing in the area. Or run the one I give you.

C. Set up Twilio, if you haven’t yet.

Day 3.

Run FB ad.

Videos here.

Day 4.

Customize and print buyer’s guides.

Customize your buyer presentation. VIDEO.

Buyer appointment script.

Day 5.

Fill BRA and RPA. Include POF, pre-approval letter, and write a cover email. Send to your coach for review.

Google form:

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