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🔥 Sunday Update - last week of the 3rd quarter!

Hi team - let's make this week impactful! Here's what you need to know:

1. Check out the updated PC calendar HERE Be sure to timeblock this into your own calendar with intention - stick to the classes that fit your business plan. (see section 7 below)

2. Please read! CAR has put out a warning to buyers regarding the potential for denial of building permits on properties located in local very high fire hazard severity zones where the property is on a dead-end street.

3. Check out Facebook Fridays! Every other Friday at noon! Coming up again this friday with a special guest!

Here is the video from the last one we did:

I am excited to kick this series off again, with a good friend of mine and a total brillionaire business owner Chelsea Wright !!! you can follow her on instagram (i recommend you do!) at @chelwright. It takes a lot of confidence and self-belief to run 3 successful businesses. So that was our topic!

4. Just for fun, if you're not already following @zillowgonewild on insta - you're missing out 😅😅😅

5. Reporting your pipeline: Congrats to everyone who has been writing business!!! It's tough out there!!

Ellen Shen

Linda Vo

Hope Lunch

Marissa Cheng

Mark Delos Reyes

Eric Owens

Jill Levine

Mai Nguyen

If you wrote something up this week (offer, listing, lease, buyer rep agreement...) , or found leads (even if they are 12 months out) and don't see your name here, please make sure to fill out the weekly survey on Fridays - MJ sends it out to you via email and group chat. You can also fill it out HERE.

6. Your Drive folder: We have created a google drive folder for each of you, with documents inside that are yours to modify. Please check them out. (you can simply go to your drive, and click on "shared with me" and you should see a folder there. The folder is titled by your name - you can also find it by searching for that from the search bar.

7. Business Plan: If we haven't sat down and completed your 1-on-1 business plan yet, please contact me. In order for this to get scheduled, please be sure you have completed the following items.

  1. DISC assessment

  2. Uploaded contacts to Command.

  3. Watch "How to Plan anything" video and attempted to fill out the GPS form.

8. What should you say "no" to in the morning to have a more productive day?

1. Stop checking Your Phone When You First Wake Up: Going through your social media account, text messages, or emails first thing in the morning has a lot of drawbacks. It causes you to become distracted and stressed. Furthermore, the many activities occurring on social media or in your email elicit comparison, depression, anger, anxiety, and jealousy. You Will Be Unhappy For The Rest Of The Day As A Result Of This. Instead, begin your day by meditating, exercising, making daily goals, or reading motivational books. Join the Miracle morning call for a quick affirmation daily at 7am!

2. Allowing yourself to become mentally exhausted: You don't want to waste your most productive hours on tasks that aren't high in demand. Remember that each day only has so much energy and willpower. As a result, it's best to save it for vital tasks. Building your energy during the day is preferable to simply reserving it. Knowing this - you want to get your most vital tasks (lead gen!!) done when you have the most energy - 9am-12pm !

3. Not Waking Up On Time: Staying in bed all morning increases stress and makes it difficult to perform any routine or plan for the day. Waking up early in the morning has been shown to help you be more productive, less stressed, and less prone to mental health issues, according to research. It's preferable to get up earlier, plan your day, and get closer to your objective.

4. Not Having Anything Planned For Today: Starting the day without a plan will result in you being less productive at the end of the day, and you will struggle with procrastination and decision making as you become unsure of what to do. It is best to plan your day in order to be successful in life, because doing so automatically plans your time.

5. Not Having A Positive Attitude: It Is Critical To Say Positive Affirmations To Oneself Every Morning And Believe That The Day Will Work Out For You. Fight negative thoughts and make a conscious effort to remain cheerful no matter what comes your way. Furthermore, The Day Is About To Begin, So Motivate Yourself To Do Great Things, Be Resilient, And Be Prepared To Not Give Up. No one is perfect, but certain habits might make it difficult to have a productive day. So, take a look at yourself and see where you can improve. It's entirely up to you!

Have a powerful week, and as always, live and make decisions through the lens of your values!

~Coach Sonia

Here are the Spotlight Values for you:


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