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🔥 Spotlight update - August Week #2!

Here's you weekly Coaching Corner and Update!

Reminders - join us this week for :

💥Daily huddle - 8.30am DAILY.

💥Group coaching by your level -

Monday 2pm Pilot (0-1 closed)

Monday 3pm Performers (2-3 closed)

Tuesday 3pm Producers (3+ closed transactions)

💥Mastery Coaching Best Practices Call - Wednesdays at 1pm!

💥IGNITE - 1pm on Monday and Tuesday ONLY this week. (No friday class)

Find the calendars at under the calendars tab.


This week, i stumbled upon an episode of John Maxwell's Leadership podcast. In this particular episode, they had compiled 5 of his best leadership lessons from recent talks, and i was blown away. Highly recommend listening to it. Playing to your strengths, working with not only what you're good at but what fulfills you, becoming growth conscious and not goal conscious, success, significance, and greatness, are some of the topics that were discussed.

If you're looking for more podcasts to explore, here's a list of some of my favorites:


Need some inspo for your hustle? Check out this awesome site called IKONICK. They make motivational wall art - perfect for real estate offices!



This week many of you went, or had questions about going doorknocking. Here are some of the Q&A's:

  1. Do I need a mask? - YES, you should have one, at least with you and visible, according to our Broker.

  2. What can I hand out? Check out this cool video about flyers!

  3. How can I pull a "recently sold homes" list for my area? Here's a video on that! You would only select CLOSED and then change days to 30 or 60 days back, to have the most recent data.

  4. How do i price a property (Create a CMA)?

Download • 3.15MB


How many people did you add to your database this week? Feel like sharing a win? Let me know here!

This coming week, we will be working on raising the healthscore (the what????) of your database! Be sure to join us on our morning huddles at 8.30am daily - to keep up with out PC Olympics!


This week I'll be over at the Larchmont office on Tuesday for broker tour, and at Beach Cities on Wednesday for the new agent mixer!

And South Bay is having a Kayaking event on Friday!

Hope to see some of you in REAL LIFE!


Here's what agents in BOLD are reporting weekly. How many of these are you tracking?

💰Contacts made:

💰Contacts added to database:

💰Total buyer appts earned:

💰Total listing appts earned:

💰Total new under contract:

💰Total listings taken: Total buyers taken:

💰did you do your homework?

💰did you watch the homework video?

💰did you journal daily?

💰did you practice scripts 5x week?

You can download our daily tracker HERE.

This week we watched this video on how to systematically follow up with your database:


And much more!!!!! Join us this week and don't miss out!

Wishing you a Powerful Week!


Director of Productivity

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