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7.26.21 This week at SPOTLIGHT REALTOR NETWORK ✨

Happy Last Week of July! (Where did the time go?)

Here is your weekly newsletter! See the bottom for links to calendars and training.


  1. Hellooooo, new website for coaching resources! You're on it! Feel free to poke around, all I ask is for mercy with the roughness of this first draft 😅 We will keep expanding this weekly! The website for this is

  2. Here is your Coaching Calendar Link - BUT PLEASE CHECK OUT THE CALENDARS TAB AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE for more office-specific materials.

  3. 🔥Tech IGNITE🔥 is running weekly on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays 1-2pm - we are keeping it short and sweet to preserve your zoom-brain power. Have your laptops ready and let's do this! LINK and passcode : 739299

  4. No Spotlight team huddle at 8.30 on Wednesday this week. Daily huddle link.

  5. DID YOU KNOW? SRN is now being implemented at 7 KW offices around Southern California! Take a look at the map above. Where this can help you, is your PROFIT SHARE. Do you know of someone in those areas, who wants to get into real estate? We are giving all of our partner offices the same great systems from Real Estate Schools to 1:1 coaching sessions!


Are you living a LIFE BY DESIGN, or by default??

Join us on Wednesday at noon for a concrete way to design the life that you desire! On Zoom



Food for Thought:

Competing where the competition doesn't know the game is being played....

Do you have enough leads? Could you stand more? What game can you design, where the competition does not live?

Are you clear as to where you are in relation to your Business Plan? What is the gap? What activities are you driving to help close the gap? Here is an idea, if you are looking for one.

Join your MAPS Coached Team as we kick off our PClympics -

Beginning in August!

Here is how we will drive activities in August:

100 Database Dash- Add 100 new full contacts to the database (First Week of August)

Raising the Bar- Average Health Score increase by 10% per agent (Week 2)

Social Media Medley- Lowest cost per FB lead (Week 3)

50 Referral Relay- Build your Downline and your client's downlines with 50 recruiting referrals (Week 4)

You will use your brilliant creative minds to win the GOLD in each event.

I look forward to growing with you all this week!


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