Year to date numbers! WOW. Are you tracking YOUR SUCCESS?

"Get a coach!" they said. "It will make your business grow!". Boy am I glad i have had MAPS Coach Tammy Richard as my coach (it's like a hit the jackpot with her!) She posted these numbers about my business this year, yet I don't often share specifics about what i EXACTLY do on my personal page, so i thought i would break it down to those of you who are not directly working with me.

I moved to the South Bay about a year ago, and the market center i walked into did not have a full, operating Productivity Coaching Program at the time. We put our heads together as a leadership team, and said "How can we do this? What specifically can we do to attract, grow, retain talent, to grow our market center to be more profitable?" One half of our team specifically works on attracting talent, and one half that is the retention side. Lucky for me, I am all three 😁

We worked on setting our vision and putting it into action the last month of last year, so that come January, we could have all pieces in play and start the year already on track. One of the many things I love about Keller Williams is my, and our agents', opportunity to grow businesses as large as we want! Here is what has ensued, January 2019 to date:

Spotlight Realtor Network Productivity Coaching Program (my team) agent count from 0 - 88!

Agents in training (vs. those not in training) are much more successful and have grown their businesses in the following ways:

Average Gross Commission Income 34.05% higher at $67,553 (Vs. non training at $50,392)

Average Volume 51.6% higher at $3,040, 377 (vs. non training at $2,005,540)

Average units sold 44.29% higher at 4.79 units (Vs. non training at 3.32 units)

As an office, we have seen some drastic increases: PAID ON VOLUME (this means: if we don't count the profit that was there consistently anyway, how many new or other agents are producing money) UP 37.3% !!

Sales volume by agent up 59.7% (our price point in our area (market shift) has only increased by 2%, so this tells us that our agents are more competent than last year at taking higher priced listings, due to training, knowledge, and confidence)

Total closed volume up 23.3%

I'm looking forward to 2020 and blowing these numbers out of the water. So, whether you have coached with me, or you have coached me this year - Thank You. No one succeeds alone. If you want to go fast, go alone. if you want to go far, go together! Let's go crush 2020!!!

Who do you know who needs to be in Coaching? #kellerwilliams

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