The 5 tips I use to stay MOTIVATED!

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

As you know, there are infinite ways to

stay motivated. These are just some things that really, really work

for me, and things that I find really push me forward everyday, and

set the mood for my day, for my week, and so forth.

So when we talk about motivation, motivation is nothing but your

willingness to do anything, right? So if you don't stay motivated, what ends up

happening is that you just get stuck in a

spiral of procrastination, and that can definitely

happen to everyone sometimes.

NUMBER ONE is to always schedule time for the

motivation. I always talk about time blocking - I know that I'm totally captain

redundant at my market center about time blocking - but if it's

not my calendar, it doesn't really get done. So just like any other time blocking,

I think motivation needs to get time blocked, and for that reason

it's kind of like your workouts - if it's not on your calendar, you're going to wake

up every day thinking “I hope I get motivated today to go


Or if your business doesn't have a system for marketing that's set.... Something you've thought about beforehand ---- you're going to sit

there and HOPE that people hear about you, right? And hope is not a business plan.

For me, this means waking

up early and listening to books, audiobooks, podcasts,

whatever it is i'm into, in the morning, that's important to me.

And one of the interesting things that I’ve heard is that your thoughts are

actually the most powerful in the morning and at night right before you go

to sleep. So some of the thoughts that we wake up with, or sayings like: "I woke up

on the wrong foot today", come from actual science.

Studies have shown that whatever thoughts you have in the morning

are actually sticking in your head stronger than any other thoughts that

you have during the day.

One of the things that I love is a book called Miracle Morning. If you haven't read it please do so. Somebody gave me this book years ago, and I go back to this book and re-read

It all the time. Basically, you're getting everything done before 8 a.m. in terms

of your motivation, and you're setting the tone for your day. That

is an amazing thing , yet you do have to put it in your calendar as well. Your rituals that you start working on.... they become your habits ... and our habits

determine the kind of lives that we have, right? Aristotle wrote, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act. It is a habit."

So that's number one - Schedule time for the motivation, and get in the habit of doing it at the same time each day.

The SECOND THING is that you've got to have

a plan. You've got to have "someday" goals. A lot of people go

through life, especially in the world of real estate, looking for

their next deal. That's a short-term

goal that's not aiming at anything bigger - that's something that you're going to get to within a matter of time, and now you're just moving by baby steps and very slowly, versus really

being PURPOSEFUL about where you're actually trying to get to.

I'll tell you a secret --- you will get there a lot faster if you have "someday"

goals in mind!!! So your someday goals - they're something HUGE - like if

everything in the world came true for you, and anything you wanted became your

reality - that's what your someday goals should be. And then we take those someday

goals and we chunk them down to - ten year goals, or five year goals, or

three year goals, or whatever that looks like for you, or even the next 24 hour

goals !!!! And you want to do the someday goals, so you can break them down and you will realize doing this actually makes them a suitable level of difficulty for you. Now you're actually understanding what you would need to do to get there, and you won't feel overwhelmed by how grand they are!

What's interesting to me about goals and focus, is that I personally always want to feel

the FLOW. The flow is when you get so focused on whatever tasks you're doing that everything else kind of disappears. That's when I find that I'm the most productive, I'm

the most motivated and inspired, and I just keep pushing forward.

I don't know if you have heard about the Goldilocks rule - the

Goldilocks rule basically says, that your goals need to be a right level of difficulty. If it's too easy, you get bored. So imagine yourself, for instance, playing tennis with a kid, right? You

might get bored. Or if you're playing tennis against a pro, it's too

difficult, and you're just going to feel completely demotivated,

right? This is the Goldilocks rule - we find that people are the most productive

when their goals are a good level of difficulty - not too easy and not super

hard. This is very much like your peak performance time, and you

reaching that flow is going to really get you to be more productive.

One of the other key things about reaching the FLOW, and really knowing your

someday goal, is that you have to measure what you’re doing. Measurement is a

key factor in staying motivated - you've got to be able to get

feedback for what you've been doing and the results you're getting. You've got to review your self, or maybe you get the feedback from somewhere else, but in making progress

toward any challenge the most critical thing is peak motivation - and measuring what you’re doing and receiving feedback.

The third one for me - this is my FAVORITE thing, is hanging

out with motivated, successful people! We are the sum of the people who

we hang out with, so who are you talking to daily? What kind of things are they

talking to you about? Are you brainstorming and sharing ideas

with people that you consider successful?

Everyone's idea of success is different - I'm not saying there's one right way or the other - but your co-workers, your classes that you go to, BOLD, you choose! Any seminars

you go to. This is all a choice and most people don't give it a

lot of thought. They don't think about who do they choose to hang out with and

that's really important, right, because those are the thoughts that get

embedded in your head every single day. I like to hang out with people

who are thinking progressively, who I strive to be like, who I want to behave

like, who I recognize have successful traits and habits. So that is my

third one - to hang out with happy, motivated, successful, cool people.

All right, the FOURTH thing for me personally is to schedule actual

thinking time on my calendar. It's really easy to go through the week, or maybe you

do your planning on Monday, and you think "okay, I have to do *abcdefg*

today" or this week or this month or whatever it is, and you end up doing

those things and that's what we would call working IN your business, right?

You're working inside your business in whatever field you're in and you're

going about and you're getting a lot of things done. Yet how are you going to know -

when decisions come your way - you have to make some decisions about this or that

or marketing plan or whatever it is that you're doing... How do you know what to do,

what the right decision is? You can't make decisions, if you don't have good

thinking time. Most people don't put thinking time on their

calendar, just because it seems kind of weird, right? Like, what am I gonna sit

here and think about??! Gary Keller talks about thinking like a CEO a lot, and I

love that - he basically says "life is a series of

decision-making moments - if you learn to make great decisions, you will have a

wonderful life." I think that that's so so so important and you

can't make good decisions without putting some serious thought into them,

right? And again, you choose. YOU CHOOSE what decisions you make. Do you

want to make decisions on them on a whim?? Do you want to just be

spontaneous all the time? I don't know that that's necessarily the

best business plan.. right? So to stay motivated, I schedule thinking time on

my calendar.

The FIFTH and final thing - which I

think a lot of us can relate to, especially a lot of people in my world,

in the coaching world - is to HIRE A COACH. I have a coach. I have several coaches

actually. You don't have to have one coach only - you can have a business coach,

a health coach, maybe you have a money coach… And these

people - they help you bring accountability into your life.

Everybody needs accountability. You tell someone what you intend to do, and then they hold you to it, which is really important. To stay motivated, I tell my Coach:

“here's my priority. I want you to hold me accountable to this and this

and this, right now, this month, this year. This is

my main thing” (which I've figured out from doing my thinking time) and when she

says to me "hey let's go back to these GOALS that you had - what are we doing

with these this week?" It brings me back on track. It gets me really motivated to

know that I'm working on my goals, and the smaller activities that I'm doing on

a daily basis are not as pertinent to reaching them.I have that end

goal in mind.

So hire a coach - because you need somebody to help you see what

you don't see. Sometimes we're too close to whatever the problem is, why you're not

staying motivated, why you're feeling like you just procrastinate and

are not getting things done, and sometimes you're just not really seeing

your own performance. And like I said, measurement is one of the key

things, key components to staying motivated. You've got to know what you're

doing and know what results

you're getting.

So I know most of you who know me have done the wood chopping exercise in coaching skills camp. Basically we take a piece of wood and we chop it in two with our hand. Anyone can do it. Yet, it's really amazing how our mind gets in the way a lot of times,

and then people get stuck and they really need the coaches there to help

them push through. The reason I bring this up, is because some years ago I had to do

this challenge and I wasn't getting through the wood. I was so tired already,

we were at the end of our day, it had been a long week… you know when you try

to go on vacation or on a trip, and you're getting everything done

at home, so that you can go away for a few days…. I mean I was exhausted! These

are the stories that I was telling myself in my head,, and I thought to myself "I'm not

gonna be able to break this piece of wood." I felt like I was hitting that piece of wood so hard. I felt like I was giving it 150 percent of all my energy, and I was still not breaking it. What ended up happening was Dianna Kokoszka - a huge huge mentor of mine -

came up to me, and she said you're giving it 80%. Give me 100% right

now! So she's screaming at me : "100%, 100%, Sonia come on give me 100%, give me

everything you've got!!!" and just like that I broke the wood. What's funny about the

story is that my coach Tammy was actually there, and caught the whole thing on

video. If you want to see it, watch below - it's pretty crazy, because anyone can see that I was not giving it 100%. And yet I felt like I was giving it 150%. You need someone to help you see, what you're not seeing. If Dianna hadn't been telling me that, I wouldn't have wrapped my head around "hey, I'm not giving it 100 percent" Instead, i would have felt discouraged and like I've failed. So my FIFTH and final thing is to hire a

coach, because you need someone to see what you're not seeing.

To recap:,

#1: schedule your motivation. That's: put it in your calendar, have a plan, have

a time in the morning, when you're always looking at motivational stuff, or

whatever works for you. Figure out what you've got to do today.

#2: Have an actual plan of the "Someday" goals that you can then break down

to smaller goals, and measure what you're doing. They have to be a right level of


#3: Hang out with other awesome, successful, motivated people. We are the sum of the people we surround ourselves with.

#4: schedule your thinking time. Put it on your calendar. You need time to work ON your business, not just working IN your business.

And #5: Hire a coach. you've got to have someone who will help you see what

you're not seeing, and hold you accountable. The month that

I hired my coach, is the month that I started making some serious money.

It's not about the money, it's about the growth that happens and that's

the goal right? Your personal growth, because your business

grows to the extent that you do. It's not going to grow, if you're not growing, right?

One more thing:

it's funny that even if you hire a business coach -- what you end up

finding, is that it's actually just a personal coach, because your habits are

what makes you, you. Right? So a lot of times people say to me for

instance, "what am I doing wrong Sonia? What's going on, like I've been doing

this and this and this and this."

And my question to them is: how

are you showing up to doing this activity? What is your mindset?

What specifically are you doing today to move that goal

forward? And who do you need to be in order for you to reach your goals?

And a lot of times people come back to me and say "that's not business coaching" but it

is, because the results are going be determined by YOUR HABITS. Our habits

make us - not the specific little things that we do here and there. What are you

doing consistently this week to move your business forward? What is getting in

your way? Next week, if this is still your

goal, how can we ensure that those things don't get in your way again? What can you

do differently to enable yourself and empower yourself for success? Of course, your coaches can give you advice for specific business activities too, and that's also

business coaching.Yet a lot of it goes back to the person, not

activities. So very interesting.

Go out there get them this week! Make sure you have your goal in mind for the week. What is

your one goal this week? Maybe it's a project you didn't get to yet. Get

motivated, get your motivation from somewhere, and it could be music, it could

be quotes, it could be anything. Go get it and have a great week!!!

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