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4th Quarter Hustle - 10 weeks of building your business!

Happy monday! The hustle starts today!

For the next 10 weeks, we will be completing specific tasks, to set our selves up for success in 2022! Remember, the actions you take now will yield results 60 - 90 days from now! Want to get paid in January? It's time to start hustling!

In addition to your daily conversations and appointments,



Listings are one of the 3 L's that are foundational to our businesses. The one with the listings controls the market, and generates even more business. Without being prepared for the appointment, it's nearly impossible to book one. Thoughts like "what will i say?" and "How do I show my value and hold on to 6%?" often cross our minds, when we don't know how the appointment should go. The only way to fix this is to know what to say, and use the right tools to support your argument.

By completing the 5 tasks this week, i would argue you will feel 80% more confident in your listing skills, than before. So take a advantage, and complete one step a day to not overload yourself.

1 (monday). Watch Dianna’s listing presentation video and follow along in your script, both below.

Download PDF • 995KB

Present to someone from memory - can be over happy hour and drinks 🍹The point is - Just Do It! 😎

(Video link here as well:

2 (tuesday). Pre-listing packet - Complete, print, and bind a seller’s guide in Command Designs (generic version here: UPLOAD TO YOUR COACH WITH THE GOOGLE FORM. (Form link below)

3 (wednesday). Listing Marketing Presentation - complete, print and bind 5 copies, from Command Designs. UPLOAD below.

4 (thursday). Pick an active property and do a CMA/cloudCMA, and UPLOAD below.

5 (friday). Fill out listing agreement in zipforms and UPLOAD filled out PDF contract to your coach.

Here's the google form - I will keep sharing it. Complete full form by the end of the week, and get yourself entered into the weekly raffle! We will get you your score cards starting next week!

Check out this week's calendar and attend the classes that will support you on your mission to completing this week's activities!

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